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Theatre spectacle : METRONOMY
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Metronomy, the Joe Mount-founded electronic indie pop group, just released their sixth album Metronomy Forever .

The album is the follow-up to 2016's Summer 08, and contains 17 tracks. Its length is born from a desire for breathing room, from not wanting to stuff the hits together like a bouquet of petrol station roses. In between the sauna-sweat-soaked funk of songs like It's Automatic, and the beach funeral of Walking In The Dark, lie pretty, glistening ambient tracks. It evokes the feeling of being sat in a nursing home, Swiss-cheese-brained, recalling joyous flashes of a past life while the fugue states of comforting confusion wash over you.

Heaving headlined the Siren's Call Festival in 2019 Metronomy will return for a club show to the 'Bourg on April 5th 2020

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